Pretium offers services to both strategic and financial investors. It understands the differing objectives of both investors as evidenced in its references.


Profile of strategic investors into Turkey

  • Between 2005 – 2014
    • 1577 Deals by Strategic/Trade Buyers
    • 155Bn$ combined deal value
    • 38{807855116abc0ba7c5c4979ccba5fd6dd2fb49154fc9c993ef2a0ef6f86f6d93} of investments from Europe

Strategic Alliance Services

Services are based on corporate access to host of Turkish, Multinational corporations and international investors including IFIs, financial sponsors regarding mergers, acquisitions, financings, and private placements

For Investors, main services include either stand-alone services like developing market entry, partner identification or full end-to-end deal origination and hands-on execution services

Service Plans for Trade Buyers and Financial Sponsors are differentiated and may include the following;


Buy Side Offerings – For Multinationals (Trade Buyers)

  • Market Entry Strategy Review
    • Understand Macro & Political Environment
    • Develop Market Review
      • M&A Trends
      • Competitive Landscape
    • Partner / Target Identification (Lond & Short Lists)
    • Alliance Options
  • Transaction Readiness
    • Pre-Bid Advisory
    • 3P Team Building
    • Bid Strategy
  • Transaction / Due Diligence Execution Assistance
    • Deal Structure
    • Negotiation Support / Bid Support
    • Transaction Execution Support
      • Due Diligence Support
      • Model Support
      • Financing Support
    • Closing
      • Transaction Documents Negotiation Assistance

Sell Side Offerings (Disposal) – Multinationals (Trade Buyers)

  • M&A Strategy
    • Portfolio Review & Strategy
    • JV / Alliance Assesment
  • Transaction Readiness
    • Deal Structuring & Investment Story
    • Buyer Identification
    • Preperation of Market Pack
    • Business Plan Support
    • Review of VDD Need
  • Transaction / Due Diligence Assistance
    • Buyer Contact Strategy
    • NBO Evaluation
    • Management Presentation
    • Dataroom Preperation
    • Negotiation Support
  • Closing
    • Transaction Documents Negotiation Assistance


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