Pretium Advisory adds value to corporates by first assessing their corporate governance standards and applications and secondly helping to implement and/or improve these standards. This process is vital before setting strategies for utilizing alternative corporate finance solutions.

Pretium adds value to Corporates via implementing Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance solutions.

Corporate Governance Solutions involve;

  • Constructively challenging and helping develop proposals on strategy and operational structures
  • Advice on new and upcoming trends in related sector(s) and customer behaviour patterns
  • Reflecting experience in issues such as pricing, sales channels and brand management
  • Ensuring Board structure and workflow are aligned with top management execution capacity
  • Reviewing Board performance and observing whether performance and procedures are supported by high quality and robust MIS
  • Monitoring financial, operational and risk control systems
  • Supporting the Board, especially the Chairman and CEO, to develop the organization to meet future challenges
  • Contributing to increasing the value of the company from the perspective of an investor or banker

Corporate Finance Solutions involve;

Pretium Advisory does not believe that “One size fits all”. Each corporation is unique and needs to be assessed by its own standards, which involves understanding;

Stakeholder vision

Corporate culture

Operational and financial standing

Management readiness

Pretium Advisory readiness review is crucial to prepare alternative corporate finance solutions among;


 Corporate Communication Solutions

Whether a Corporation is private or public, corporate communication solutions available are varied and need to fit the corporate. Therefore, developing a Corporate Communications Roadmap is of vital importance before implementing various initiatives that involve PR and/or IR solutions.


Pretium Advisory Corporate Communication Roadmap assistance will allow the corporate to develop a separate communication stream to current and potential investors/creditors. This Roadmap will also form the basis of the “investment story” – that is crucial in implementing any corporate finance solution.


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